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The Electric Lights

I love shooting live music, and I don’t get the chance often enough. So when the Electric Lights asked me to bring my camera down to a gig in Cambridge, I was pleased as punch!

The venue was the Portland Arms – a pub that hosts a lot of live music. It’s a great place to shoot at because it’s large enough to be well lit but small enough to be intimate, and no one really minds if you walk about at the front of the stage with a camera. It’s as far from the ‘first three songs and flash’ rules as you can possibly get.

I’ve been shooting a bit more with these guys for an forthcoming project, which I can’t wait to show off soon.

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Vive la film!

It’s a good time to be a film photographer. A few weeks ago, Kodak announced they’re bringing Ektachrome back from the grave and are looking into doing the same with Kodachrome. Then we have a brand new black & white ISO 400 film from Bergger, which uses both silver bromide and iodide for extra dynamic range and is available in lots of different formats.

I like film photography, and still keep a handful of film cameras on the go.

Dr Sophie Read

I’ve been photographing female fellows at Christ’s College, Cambridge, for a couple of years now, and Dr Sophie Read was my last commission in the series. It’s been a massive honour to shoot this set of pictures – fascinating people in wonderful surroundings. What’s not to like?