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Portrait of Chris Jones

Last week I was dispatched by The Saturday Times to photograph Chris Jones, a reader who had his personal finances analysed for a feature in the Money section of the paper. As is usual with this kind of work, the deadline was a short one: commission on Tuesday, shoot on Wednesday and delivery on Thursday. The rule with The Times is ‘well-lit and eyes to camera,’ and with the first of these criteria in mind I took a load of flash gear with me, and someone to help use it.

Ally is keen to get some experience of these kinds of photoshoot, and was a real help. An extra pair of hands is so useful when moving lights around and trying to balance flash and daylight together.

The Times asked for pictures of Chris in his cycling kit, as he’s a keen club cyclist. We positioned him outside of his house in Cranfield, which was bathed in the evening sunshine, and lit him with a 1m softbox and flash from a Elinchrom Ranger Quadra. We also shot a more ‘normal’ looking portrait in his back garden, again balancing flash and ambient light to get a bright look and feel.

I love shooting editorial portraiture like this. You get to meet some great people and it fits in well with my love of ‘magazine craft’ and publishing.

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Vive la film!

It’s a good time to be a film photographer. A few weeks ago, Kodak announced they’re bringing Ektachrome back from the grave and are looking into doing the same with Kodachrome. Then we have a brand new black & white ISO 400 film from Bergger, which uses both silver bromide and iodide for extra dynamic range and is available in lots of different formats.

I like film photography, and still keep a handful of film cameras on the go.

Dr Sophie Read

I’ve been photographing female fellows at Christ’s College, Cambridge, for a couple of years now, and Dr Sophie Read was my last commission in the series. It’s been a massive honour to shoot this set of pictures – fascinating people in wonderful surroundings. What’s not to like?