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Vive la film!

It’s a good time to be a film photographer. A few weeks ago, Kodak announced they’re bringing Ektachrome back from the grave and are looking into doing the same with Kodachrome. Then we have a brand new black & white ISO 400 film from Bergger, which uses both silver bromide and iodide for extra dynamic range and is available in lots of different formats.

I like film photography, and still keep a handful of film cameras on the go.


Jess, with dreadlocks

I walked into the studio a couple of weeks ago to find that my colleague had constructed a kind of cubicle from dark background cloth, which he had used to shoot some video for a musician friend. I was pretty intrigued by it (and the way you sound when stood inside it – no echo at all) and really wanted to shoot some gungy looking portraits using it as an alcove.


Lundy Island

One of my favourite places in the world is Lundy island, a 3-mile long lump of granite in the Bristol channel just off the Devon coast. It’s not a place many people have heard of, yet alone visited, but I’ve been fortunate to have been there three times now.


The Electric Lights

I love shooting live music, and I don’t get the chance often enough. So when the Electric Lights asked me to bring my camera down to a gig in Cambridge, I was pleased as punch!


European portraits

The latest portraits in my Europeans project are of Richard, from Austria, and Miha from Slovenia. I photographed them at the Queens College sports ground where they both play football, on a glorious summer evening.