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Dr Sophie Read

I’ve been photographing female fellows at Christ’s College, Cambridge, for a couple of years now, and Dr Sophie Read was my last commission in the series. It’s been a massive honour to shoot this set of pictures – fascinating people in wonderful surroundings. What’s not to like?

Chris Walker, photographed for the Times Money section at his home in Cranfield, UK by Ian Farrell.

Portrait of Chris Jones

Last week I was dispatched by The Saturday Times to photograph Chris Jones, a reader who had his personal finances analysed for a feature in the Money section of the paper.

A young girl delivers lunch to women working in the rice fields. Keneba, The Gambia

Farming in The Gambia

Spending a week in a small village in rural Gambia still ranks as my my most enjoyable job as a photographer to date. I was commissioned by the Medical Research Council to photograph the activities that happen in and around one of their field stations, which range from nutritional research to healthcare.